Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still in Guate City

We are still here in Guatemala City. We have been feeling a bit home-bound here. This is a huge city and we are not in a tourist area. Naomi has been pretty busy and for the most part, we are at her mercy for leaving the house. We have been thoroughly enjoying spending time with the family here and yesterday we went through the medical supplies that she is storing here to separate the the medicine from the equipment. We got it all to a point where we needed some direction from her but she didnt finish her other business until pretty late in the day so we ended up having to put everything away so that Gustavo could park his car in the garage again.

We are optimistic that today, we will be able to get to the bus so that Rob can make the fixes and we can load up the equipment and medicine and hopefully go out on a small medical trip this weekend. If we are not able to make any progress today, we will will start thinking about moving on to Honduras. We really want to help but are getting a bit antsy. I've never been known for my patience and I keep telling myself that I need to let go of my just doesn't seem to exist in this part of the world but we want to be helpful and are beginning to feel more like a hindrance than help. We certainly didnt come here to watch TV, though and the only English channels here are Fox News and MTV....which are both terrible!!!! Having had the world put into perspective has made both of those channels seem pretty shallow.

Well, its almost 10am and hopefully we will get picked up to be productive in the next hour or so...they said 10am so maybe they will be here by noon. I think we will also have a chance to meet one of Naomi's son's tonight which is also exciting to meet yet another new cousin. Who would have thought that I would actually meet so much family here in Guatemala????