Sunday, March 28, 2010

On Vacation

I feel like we are on vacation from our vacation. Its a weird feeling. Semana Santa is this week and we are pretty much hiding out here at the brewery. Its a really mellow place that is great for reading, napping and talking to interesting people. We are about 1km outside of a nothing village which is a km or 2 outside of a very small town. We are surrounded by nature here and I'm realizing that its been since Semuc Champey that we have been somewhere remote like this. After the last 2 weeks of entertaining, its nice to be back in nature, away from the cities. We have been hanging out with some teachers from Gracias who are on vacation from work for the week...maybe that is why I feel like I'm on vacation.

Rob is doing a couple of hours of work each day helping the owner, Bob, finish the 2nd floor addition to his house. I hope that he is enjoying some productivity...maybe it doesnt feel as much like a vacation for him.