Saturday, March 27, 2010

D&D Brewery

Written last night from our room at D&D Brewery

Its back to just the 2 of us and I think that I will be able to get back to my normal blogging self. Being surrounded by my friends actually made it a little harder for me to get my thoughts together for the blog but I can tell its coming back quickly. I guess that I've been treating this blog like my letters home and being surrounded by friends made it harder to blog since I had so many people to talk to who were experiencing everything with me.

Last night was our last night with Jessica. In the afternoon, we headed back to San Pedro Sula for another night at the hostel. We arrived to find only 1 other girl there. The 4 of us went for an early dinner of baleadas (like a big quesadilla but with beans, sour cream and a crumbled cheese). We went back to the hostel and taxis began arriving full of backpackers from all over the world. By 10pm, every bed was full and there were people will all different accents discussing their central american travels. It was the true hostel experience and I'm glad that Jessica was able to experience it. Rob and I have avoided the hostels for the most part, since hotels are pretty much comparible in cost in most of the places that we've been but it had been awhile since we were surrounded by backpackers and we all enjoyed the company.

We woke up this morning and were talking to the guy who made #4 in our 4 bed dorm room and it turned out that he and his sister had the same plans as us to go to the brewery. His sister is a teacher in Gracias, where we had spent a few days earlier in the month and even had met one of her other teacher friends at our hotel restaurant. After we sadly, said goodbye to Jessica, we shared a cab with the brother/sister pair and headed to the bus terminal to find the bus that would take us to the brewery. It turned out to be a chicken bus...not the colorful kind like in Guatemala but just an old school bus, which was a little suprising because Honduras has a lot of old luxury buses. Honestly, I find the school buses more enjoyable anyway...with all the windows open, they get a much better breeze and there is generally some interesting people watching and lots of stops with people getting on to sell anything from radios to juices to fried chicken to fruit. We were lucky enough to share the bus with a little boy who 1 mile into the ride became car sick...yay. The 4 of us were feeling pretty confident since most of us had been in Honduras for a while and were familiar with the bus systems. We told the bus helper that we were going to D&D and felt good that he would make sure that we found our stop. The directions from the website said something like "2 km outside of Pena Blanca, look for the soccer field and then a sign for the brewery". The ride was nice and not too hot like some of our more recent bus rides and we could tell that the scenery was getting pretty nice so we must be close...then the bus stopped and everyone got off and changed to another bus. They told us that we should follow and this was were we started to lose our confidence. One of the helpers from our previous bus got on the new bus but not the guy that we had talked to. Finally, our new teacher friend asked the lady sitting next to her with the delicious looking birthday cake on her lap if we were close to Pena Blanca and D&D brewery. She knew exactly where it was and we were able to relax again. A few minutes later the bus stopped to let us out in front of the sign for the hotel and we happily walked a little bit until we arrived here.

So far this is a nice quiet place. Our room is small but will work for us. The food and drinks are good. The pool is clean and cool. We already saw a really cool looking bird in the trees. We havent met Bob, the owner, yet but he had mentioned on the phone having Rob help him with some work on his house and I think by tomorrow, Rob will be very ready to get busy doing anything. Our new friends will be here until wednesday and tomorrow will be met by 2 more of their teacher friends. I'm hoping that there is at least a little internet access but we still have a lot to figure out about this place.