Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good Company

I've been enjoying our stay here so much. Although we have seen very little of the area so far, the company here is excellent. So far it has been a great mix of people traveling for many months like us, the teachers who are living here and some people on short trips for only a few weeks. We have been to a lot of the same places but the different perspectives are interesting. The teachers from Gracias left this morning and I'm a little sad but there is a constant influx of new people here and so far, everyone has been cool and fun. Mostly, its been non-stop games. Its the kind of place where you can sit down at a table with almost anyone and just start talking and eventually, a game will start. I will miss the teachers because they came with a collection of fun games which I imagine is important for keeping your sanity when you live in a small town in a foreign country with only a small group of the same people to hang out with every day.

Yesterday morning, I tagged along with the teachers to check out a finca nearby which supposedly contains some Lincan ruins. We managed to find every trail except the one leading to the ruins but it was a nice hike anyway. In the afternoon, we made an attempt to go to the hot springs which are only reachable by car but the gas station was out of gas and so was the car so hopefully we will try again today or tomorrow. It looks like this morning will be another relaxing morning since most of the other folks headed to the waterfalls. I've acquired a new book so I'm torn between internet time and finishing the book before monday when we will head back to Roatan.