Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lago de Yojoa

It looks like we have survived the worst of Semana Santa. We are still hiding away at D&D and still enjoying the beautiful weather, scenery and company. Once the teachers all moved on, we entered a new phase of visitors here...Peace Corps and NGO workers. We havent connected with anyone else here like we did with the teachers but thats ok. Rob finally finished up working so we have had some time to explore the area.

Yesterday, we tried to rent a rowboat but they were all rented out so we went to explore a nearby park. We had a nice hike to Pozo Azul which is the source of the small river that runs through the area. We were the only ones there and had a chance to enjoy the tranquility. We had hoped to swim in the blue hole but when we got there, it didnt seem so inviting for swimming so we just sat for awhile. The longer that we sat, the more sounds we noticed in the woods. We kept hearing something that sounded like water dripping from a tap but louder and it seemed to be echoing off of the hills that surrounded us. At first we thought it was water bubbling out of the spring but we didnt see any bubbles coming up. When we finally stood and walked a little bit back the way we had come, we realized that the sound was made by birds roosting in the trees. We arent sure what kind of birds but they were pretty big and colorful.

This morning, we woke up early and headed to the boat rental. We picked up some paddles and walked to the nearby canal which feeds into lake. The rowboat was pretty tough to get going in a straight line but Rob propelled us like an expert. It was early and the temperatures were still nice. We saw some nice birds on the canal and as the canal opened up into the lake we were awed. We saw some gorgeous lakes in Guatemala but this one is really something special. Almost all of the boats on the lake were row boats and the lake is really undeveloped and natural. In the early morning, we could make out some of the surrounding mountains rising out of the fog. There were tons of beautiful birds flying around. We stayed out for a couple of hours and then Rob rowed us back up the canal.

This part of Honduras is really interesting. Laying between the dry dusty southern part of Honduras and the lush Caribbean coast is this amazing and lush, full of beautiful birds and plants, peace and tranquility, really nice and friendly people. I can see exactly why Bob chose this area to build his little resort.

Pozo Azul

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Anna said...

WOW...Is it that the scenery is so spectacular or is it that the photographer is so talented?