Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where are we???

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the island of Roatan, here are some maps that will help you understand where we are.  First of all, the island is about 35 miles long.  That seems small but without a car, it feels huge.  We are staying just south of #3, the West End, which is a little touristy town full of hotels, restaurants, bars and dive shops.  It is built along a single sandy road.  In the middle of the West End is Half Moon Bay which has a good beach and some great snorkeling.  I think that we are just opposite Blue Channel.  We can walk south along the beach to get to the West Bay Beach which is an even nicer beach that also has great snorkeling.  If we swim out from the island a little way, is more reef that surrounds the entire island.  That is where the diving is.  Its not too bad of a swim but there are a ton of boats on this side of the island and we are a little afraid to swim it.  Our choices are to wake up early in the morning or rent a kayak and paddle out there.  We are going to investigate how much it costs to rent a kayak.