Friday, April 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home?

I think that we finally found a place to call home for the next month.  Its down at the end of the West End at a place called Fort Saphrey.  The place has some hotel rooms and some 1 bedroom apartments that share a kitchen between 2 apartments.  Then...upstairs is a 2 bedroom unit that has its own kitchen and a little balcony with a hammock.  The building with the hotel rooms is between our building and the water and I dont remember if there was actually a view of the water from our little balcony but we will have to walk the beach to go anywhere.  We are the most excited about the air conditioning unit!  There is no TV but we will have internet and the Caribbean.  

Anyone interested in visiting us in the next month???  You can fly directly to Roatan via Houston.  If you are on a budget, we have an extra bedroom and if not, there are wonderful hotels here!!  


Holly said...

As soon as I read your post I started checking prices. Right now the price of flights is way out of my budget. Andy just got his first passport and I am searching everyday for a trip where he can use it. I will keep looking at Roatan flights. I check your posts daily and my co-worker and I live vicariously through your travels. I almost have her convinced to get married on an island so I can experience this beach living you have going on. (for a week at least)

Brandy said...

ohh i couldn't think of anything i want more! :'(