Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wide awake

I was laying in bed, wide awake and sweating, listening to the silence pondering my situation.  Its been incredibly hot here for the past few days and you couldnt buy a breeze.  Every day the air has been getting thicker and heavier with humidity.  On one hand, I was hoping for a nice rain storm to cool things off.  On the other hand, rain storms kind of suck because after a few minutes of enjoying the sound of thunder and raindrops hitting the metal roof, BAM, darkness and silence as the power goes out.  Its already happened enough times during our stay here for us to expect that rain = power outage.  It might be out for 2 hours and it might be out for 12.  Thats what brings me to my situation which I mentioned before of laying in bed, wide awake, and sweating, listening to the silence.

The bright side of this situation is that my mind is free to ponder all of my other situations and possibly come up with some random wierd ideas that will keep my mind busy until I finally fall asleep.  Or maybe, BAM, just like that, instantly all the lights will come back on, the air conditioner and fan will start kicking again and all the nice things in life are restored.  Thats what just happened and too bad for me, I am still wide awake and thinking about my idea that wandered into my head during the hot and stuffy silence.  Since I cant sleep and my tossing and turning is keeping Rob up, I thought I would come blog this idea while I can still remember it.

I was thinking about traveling and all the wierd things that happen and interesting people that we meet and it came to me...Backpacking, the board game.  I worked it all out, you start with a set amount of money and win by either being the last one who still has enough money to travel or to earn 1000 feel good points.  You travel around the board, stopping at destinations...maybe drawing destination cards that determine your luck on accomodations and food.  Nice hotel that eats into your budget, you wont travel as long but you can earn feel good points while you lay in your freshly made bed watching cable TV...bonus, it has a kitchen, save $30 on food expenses.  Or how about Perfect climate, no need for air conditioning, save $20 or   Volunteer for a $20 and earn extra feel good points.  Then, you can land on got robbed, lose $ met someone on a 2 week vacation with money to burn, 3 free beers...or you caught malaria, miss 3 turns, lose 30 feel good points but save $20 on food expenses.  Of course, the game would have to fold up teeny tiny and weigh practically nothing to fit in a side pocket of a backpack.


Holly said...

This post made me chuckle. Andy and I played Monoploy last night with my brother and his wife. I lost miserably, like I always do and left with no "feel good points". I like your game idea and would totally play it because I could lose all my money but still "feel good".