Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Walk into Town

Here are pictures of our walk into town. According to the time on the pictures, its a 15 minute walk. This particular walk was especially slow due to traffic and by traffic I mean that there were a few places where a car would be parked on the side of the road and a car wants to get through and we have to let them cross before we walk by.

Here is the walking tour. From the sign of our place, we walk on the beach past 1 little property with a house and a few guest houses (where our fisherman neighbor lives). Then there is a restaurant/bar called Barefeet. On the other side of that is a lot where the vans that are called buses park between routes. The road begins in this little sandy parking lot. This picture is taken looking down the road.

Walking down the road, these are bungalow hotel rooms. To the left are some bungalows that are right on the beach. The water is only about 40-60 feet from the road.

Now we are in the heart of the West End. There are some people and cars and restaurants.

Here is the church and just beyond it on the right is the road that leads out of the West End and toward the rest of the island. On the left just beyond the church is the West End Beach which is in Half Moon Bay.

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