Monday, April 19, 2010

Creepy Crawlies

The water has been rough the past few days. We've gone out snorkeling a few times but we kept seeing the same fish and coral that we've already seen. Frankly, we were beginning to get a little bored. The rough seas had the water cloudy so we were just seeing the same things that we'd been seeing. The rougher seas also make it hard to swim because the coral come up very shallow and its very important to not touch any coral because touching the coral will kill it.

Today the water was clear and calm. We only went out for a short swim but saw some cool things that we hadnt seen yet.

Here is a Sharptailed eel.

We were the most excited about this group of squids. Anyone know what you call a group of squids (feel free to leave it in a comment)? They were only about 8 inches long. As I look at the pictures, I realized that they were facing us. They are so wierd looking that when we were swimming, I thought they were facing away from us. That big eye is pretty freaky.

I saw this worm crawling around on a coral. I cant figure out what it is (again, leave a comment if you know). Fireworms are red in all the pictures and this guy looks pretty gray.

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