Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sights around our place

I've been collecting some photos from around our apartment here in Roatan.

First, every week or so, they rake up all the leaves into piles and burn them. The other night, it was very windy and they made a ton of piles of leaves and burned them all at the same time. Our apartment quickly filled up with smoke and frankly, it was a little freaky. There were about 6 piles burning outside of our door and this whole building is wood. The piles burned pretty quickly, though, and everything was fine.

This is a huge spider that has set up a massive web between 2 trees near our balcony. He has been there for about 4 days...just sitting in the middle of his carefully crafted web...waiting for prey.

OK, these mangos have become a major source of frustration for me. First, its been 2 weeks and they look exactly the same. Still green and rock hard. They are so rock hard that these mangos have been beating against the metal roof every time the wind blows hard. It is so loud and its been pretty windy lately. The mangos are a little dented but are so hard that they are still hanging strongly and still making a ton of noise when they hit the roof. It doesnt look like we will have any ripe mangos on our tree while we are here. : (