Sunday, March 7, 2010

Copan, Honduras

I really like this town and its great to be back on the Gringo trail. We like our hotel but last night, we discovered that we were just a few dozen feet away from a club blasting music so loud that it was actually changing my heart rhythm. I managed to fall asleep but Rob said the music went until 3am. I dont want to say too much about Copan because we will be meeting our friends here in a week and I dont want to spoil it for them. I've found that no matter how hard I research things, they are always different than I expect but I want everyone to feel the same sense of awe that I feel when I arrive in a new town. All I can say is that this one is perfect for the group and I'm confident that everyone will love it.

Today, we took it easy and scoped out a hotel further from the loud music. I think it will be perfect for all of us.

Had some papusas for lunch...yum and then some mojitos with a pair from Georgia that we met on the bus yesterday. We are meeting them for dinner in a little while so I will have to keep this post short.

Tomorrow we are going to head out to check out some nearby towns for the week. Copan is nice but pretty small and definitely will not keep us busy for a whole week. We will return on Friday so that we can be here with plenty of time to welcome our next group of visitors. I'm so excited to spend time with my friends and to show off the beauty of this part of the world.