Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hi from Jess

Wow. Wow wow wow. I don't even know how to start. Words can't express the experience I've had so far. I think Jamie and Hannah covered last week but I have to comment on the ramora. I was snorkeling behind Deb and thought I saw some kind of strap floating on her leg so I swam closer to her just in time to see her begin flailing and spinning around. When I realized it was a fish harassing her I busted up laughing hysterically through my snorkel thinking how glad I was that it liked her and not me, sorry Deb. Don't worry though because karma kicked my butt there because later I felt something tickling my stomach and realized Gus(we named him) had decided to hitch a ride on me. I did my share of flailing and spinning... with no success. Oh well, at least he cleaned of some funk that was apparently on my tummy.

I really like Tela so far, it is a cute little beach town and as Deb said I will be quite disappointed if I don't drink rum directly from a coconut. The fruit is amazing and I plan on getting some more pineapple (oh YUM) in the morning. For lunch today I ordered what i thought was some kind of fish, nope not fish. The flavor was good but I will pass on that texture next time. The people are amazing and I'm enjoying trying to communicate. I end up kind of miming while repeating the 10 spanish words I know. So far eventually I get my point across. Ok well, maybe that's not true. I usually look at Rob or Deb with a bewildered pleading look for help on my face and they mercifully fill in the gaps for me.
Since I'm sitting on the balcony of the Mango Hotel and it's absolutely gorgeous and beautiful and peaceful and amazing and warm with a nice breeze, I think I will continue to watch the mountains which I can see from where I'm sitting and people on the street below us play soccer in the street while others ride by on scooters or cringe as a taxi squeezes between two cars with half a millimeter to spare so I'll sign off for now. Oh, I think I forgot to mention that this place is amazing.
Oh, I think I heard something about all the flights out of Honduras being cancelled forever so I may have endure gorgeous, warm, tropical paradise forever... oh wait, maybe that was the dream I've had every night since I arrived.