Saturday, March 20, 2010

San Pedro Sula

Today was a little sad. Rob, Jamie, Jessica and I woke up very early and took the ferry away from beautiful Roatan. We must have been very tired from the week because we all slept the entire boat ride and then the entire bus ride here. As we got further from the island it got hotter and hotter and now we are here at a hostel and it is very hot so we are just lazing around.

We really enjoyed the week with everyone and especially enjoyed Roatan. We met a ton of people who had gone for visits and ended up moving there and its pretty easy to see why. We have a few more weeks of travel, a week in Tela with Jessica, Semana Santa at the brewery and then we need to get to Belize for a visa run. I think after Belize, Rob and I will head back to Roatan and rent an apartment. We are going to kind of check the place out and see if it is livable. It seems like a big enough island to keep people busy and is full of american and canadian expats. We were told repeatedly that there is a huge need for good electricians. It sure would be nice to find a place for ourselves in a real paradise.

I can tell you one thing, so far, San Pedro Sula isnt really paradise. Its not a big dirty city like Guatemala city but its hot, and in a few hours, I've managed to get more itchy bites than the whole week on the island.

I think I'm going to take a shower and try to find a cool place to sit.