Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Snorkeling in Roatan

We are really loving Roatan. At least 10 times a day we hear at least 1 member of the group
announce "I want to live here!" Our house is perfect. The size is just right for our big
group of 8 with a big living room for us to spend some real quality time together. The
house is in a little community called Sundancer in Sandy Bay. It has its own pier. From
the pier, we can swim out right to the reef. We'd been pretty nervous about whether or not
some of the girls would be able to snorkel but yesterday, we bought a raft to solve the
This morning, we went out as early as we could...9:30am...we are on vacation and headed out
in our big group to the reef. It was incredible. It was cloudy out but that didnt stop us.
Almost everyone successfully snorkeled and we were all really glad that everyone tried. I
think it was a pretty unforgettable morning. You can look at the pics and decide for
Now its raining and we are relaxing in our house. Jessica and I have spent the last 2 hours going over all of the copan and roatan pictures...cropping and selecting. Its been grueling work here in paradise, so please take a moment to feel sorry for us.

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