Saturday, March 13, 2010

Still more stress in Copan

Well, I just posted that entry from last night and here is the update.

Its 2:20pm and Jesi, her family and Jessica are on the bus headed here to Copan. I'm feeling very good about that. I just need to figure out what time to head to the bus station to be waiting for them.

When they called, they let me know that Jamie's plane was delayed in Miami and is just leaving now. Her bus from Copan leaves at 5:30pm which will make her connection very tight. I'm praying (and I dont pray) that all of the stars align for her and that she can make the bus to Copan. Otherwise, she will have no choice but stay the night in San Pedro and catch the first bus out in the morning. This sucks. The next time that I am involved in group travel, I will definitely insist that everyone travels together.