Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hannah's Post

Hey everyone! Honduras is so fun! There are so many things to do and see.When we got to Copan, there were so many cool and fun things to do. We walked all over town and got suveniers. It was a blast. When we were on the Ferry, Rae and I were having so much fun because it was our first time on a Ferry in the middle of the ocean. Roatan, is also very fun. Like I said, there are so many cool things to do and to see there.

We went snorkeling yesterday. We saw so many things on the reef and in the reef. Today Rae and I went to the beach today. We were gathering seashells. We had a blast!!
If you come here you will have a BLAST!!!!!!!!!


Anna said...

Hello Hannah, I am glad that everything is so cool. From the photos, Roatan looks like a tropical paridise. Please write more details about what you have been doing. That way we can share a bit with you.