Monday, March 8, 2010


After 2 months, Rob finally got a haircut today. The other day, he finally shaved his beard back into the usual goatee and then today we noticed a barbershop right across the street from the hotel. We went in and the place was busy which is always a good sign. We were a little worried because the typical Central American hairstyles for the young guys involve incredible amounts of hair gel. The guys here are very fashionable and anyone who knows Rob knows that he is....lets just say, a simple guy. As we were waiting, we realized that with all the spanish that we have picked up, we havent quite picked up haircut instructions. It ended up going really well. This young guy was a real old school barber. In 20 minutes, my husband is back to looking like himself...and all for $2.50.

It turns out that there is a big group of North Carolinian Habitat for Humanity folks staying at our hotel. Everytime I think that that we are far enough off the beaten path to really practice our Spanish, we find ourselves immersed in English. Earlier today, I went up to the front desk to ask about checkout time, armed with my spanish-english phrasebook. The guy started to drag me over to his English speaking coworker and I had to insist "En Espanol" that I need to do this in Spanish so I can learn. We ate dinner at the restaurant in the hotel and the waiter insisted on practicing his English with we let it go. He was so cute..."Esta bien? Eees All Right? Esss correct?". I think that some day I will come down here and teach some English, the truth is that speaking English is life changing for the folks who live in areas that are frequented by tourists.
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