Tuesday, March 23, 2010


As promised, here are some pictures from Tela. Yesterday it was cloudy and a little too cool for swimming so we spent the day just wandering the beach.

We ran into an adorable little boy, Mario Garcia, who warned us that it was a red flag day and that the waves were too big for swimming. We ended up spending some time with him discussing school and how easy it is for him. He showed us how great he is at math, drawing out math problems in the sand and then showed us his beautiful cursive writing talents. We bought some cinnamon rolls and coconut bars from him. What a cutie!
We ended up sitting on the beach for a long time watching 4 other little boys playing an intense game of soccer in the palm trees that line the beach. We were cheering for them and they were showing off for us. They were really good and were such good sports it was heartwarming and we were grinning the entire time.

The town is really nice, too. This is a weekend destination so during the week it is really quiet. There are only a handful of other tourists here so we feel like we are off the beaten path. This morning we decided to check out one of the nearby Garifuna villages, Turnabe. I think we got there too early, because there was absolutely nothing going on. The town was on a beautiful stretch of beach but again, it was a bit cool for swimming and too early to find food so after less than an hour, we caught a cab back to town. I think we will spend the rest of today just like yesterday, wandering around, enjoying the beach, eating some good food and maybe having some drinks. Tomorrow will be our last day in Tela so hopefully the sun will come out and we will get to swim in the ocean.

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