Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Guate City Update

LOL, immediately after posting my previous post, Naomi came and picked us up. We dropped Rob and her assistant, Hugo, off at the bus and Naomi and I went shopping at the Paca (which is the local market, which up til now, I've been calling the mercado). Rob spent the day making the improvements to the bus and we enjoyed the market. We picked up the guys for some lunch at Pollo Campero which is infamous here as being the best fried chicken...and it was tasty. Then while Rob finished up the bus, I was able to pick Naomi's brain about setting up a website which will give me a nice project for our downtime over the next few weeks.

Tomorrow, we will spend sometime here at the house with Naomi and the family and then Friday, the family will take us out for some sightseeing. After a week of great Guatemalan home cooking, we have promised them some of Rob's bacon wrapped jalapenos which we will make on Friday night.

Then, unless things change...which they often do....we will head out on Saturday for Honduras.