Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tikal Wildlife

My favorite part of Tikal was the animals. The ruins really are in the jungle and we really felt it. The vegetation off the trails was thick with plants and trees and vines. We could hear howler monkeys which sounded extremely close....oh the howler monkeys. They have the most jungly sound of any animal. When you hear it, you picture a huge jaguar growling right behind you but instead it is these not-so-big monkeys.

Here was a spider monkey up in a tree.

We wandered up on about 2 dozen of these guys...Coatis. They were walking all around a very busy area and couldnt have cared less about us.

This was the find of the day and Rob managed to take the money shot. This is a white hawk which you dont get to see every day. Thankfully, he was squawking quite a bit so that we all were able to see him.
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