Friday, January 15, 2010

Pretty Bird

Well, the electricians didnt show so we happily came back to our hotel..the Hyatt no less...well...make that the Hi-Et. We've spent most of the day sitting on the porch, reading and using the internet, enjoying the shade and the breeze, watching the world go by.

I had a brilliant conversation with the parrot that sits in the cage on the way to our room...."Hola" he said.."Hola" I answered..."Hello"..."Hello". It lasted a few minutes until I realized that I was the parrot, repeating everything he said. As I walked away, he announced "Goodbye".

Wow, as I am waiting for the picture of the parrot to upload, some sort of Catholic procession just came slowly up the street. It was lead by a truck with a crucifix in the bed and about 40 women followed slowly singing something. I have no idea what it is but what a neat surprise.


StephSegal said...

love the parrot story. Noah will get a kick out of that. One (or both) of you drink a Belican rum & coke for me.