Sunday, January 3, 2010

More visitors

I've mentioned that my parents will be meeting us in Antigua in the middle of February. I'm so excited about that week. I love traveling with my parents and a week of luxury will be truly appreciated. Even if Rob and I get lazy with our travels, spending more time relaxing than seeing the sites, that will end as soon as we see my mom. I know that she will have a list of must-see places and we will go see them all.

A whole group of my BFFs are planning to come meet us in Honduras a month after seeing my parents. This trip is proving a lot more difficult to organize for so many reasons. First, it looks like there will be some kids coming which brings up a whole slew of is important and even more important is finding somewhere that the kids wont be bored (if it is even get bored so easily). Even more important is that we are all on really tight budgets. We want to rent a big house since on our last trip together to Jamaica we learned that cooking our own food can save us thousands. We all love to cook and eat and my favorite memories of Jamaica are of simply hanging out with great friends in the kitchen recreating the local cuisine.

What is difficult is that I know that the rental houses that are posted online are showing their highest possible prices and its really hard to find rental houses in Honduras that are not on the Bay Islands (the most touristy and expensive spots in the country). I think that we can get much better value on the mainland with more options for activities and still have the beaches. I am still drawn to renting our own, freakin, island for around $100 a night but I've also contacted some locals that I found online to try to get some leads on affordable rental houses that might not be posted online.

Whatever happens, I really hope that this trip works. I love my friends and really want to have a chance to share this experience with them.