Friday, January 22, 2010


After spanish class, we went with our friends, Ian and Sarah from England (who are on the tail end of a real around the world trip) to ARCA. ARCA is a wonderful organization that rescues animals from different situations and either keeps them at the property or ideally, rehabilitates them and release them back into the wild. This place is a must see if you are spending any time in Flores. The depend on donations from visitors and volunteers. For $100 a week, you can stay and volunteer and receive room and board and make a real difference for these animals. Our guide was a programmer from germany who had been there 3 months. To see all the pictures, go to Picasa.

These birds were all either recovered from smugglers or had been pets. Talking birds will stay there forever because they cannot be released back into the wild. They explained that talking birds in the wild will teach other wild parrots to talk. They will lose the ability to communicate in real bird talk.

Dan and Nikki, we thought of you when we saw the 3 legged ocelot (on the right)

They had dozens of Scarlet Macaws. I'm certain that we will never see this many in one place.
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