Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rio Dulce - First Impression

We arrived a few hours ago and are already planning to leave. We are staying outside of town in a peaceful place that is only accessible by boat. It got a good review in the guidebook but it hasnt given a good impression yet. Its hot and muggy and there are biting flies. That is our impression and we will leave in the morning to head up to Livingston.

Funny conversation I just had with another guest who also just arrived:
I was watching her swatting the biting flies and I said "These biting flies are evil, huh?".  She said "Yes, they dont lay eggs in your skin do they?  We heard that some flies do."  "Oh, I hope not."  "How long will you be staying?"  "We are leaving tomorrow...we just spend a few quiet days and need some more excitement than this."  "Oh, I hear it gets more exciting at night...thats when the tarantulas come out."
Yes, its confirmed.  We will leave tomorrow!

This is an interesting place, though. This is a big lake that is just off the caribbean. It is a safe haven for boaters during hurricane season...the safest in the caribbean. There are a lot of nice boats around and we might be happier if we were staying in town and not back here in the jungle.

Rob paddled us out to a dock in the lake for a swim in this little canoe. It was not easy but we had a nice swim.


alice said...

I just finished reading your latest reports.what I found most interesting was the analysis of your trip

Hughes Family said...

Tranchulas? big spiders? Ok, I wouldn't even stay the night. Your brave.

txdoc said...

I love hearing about the people you meet and sharing their reports. Your humorous accounts have me laughing out loud. Mark Twain could not have written better. On reading your blog, I feel that you are really accomplishing your goals. Stay safe. See you soon.