Saturday, January 9, 2010

Belize - Day 1

I know that everyone has been anxiously awaiting our first post. Sorry that it took so long. We are here, we are happy, Belize is beautiful.

The plane ride was ok. We got to watch Jim and Pam's wedding and it was hilarious. I dozed off and woke with a sweat. It was my first, "oh god, what have I gotten us into" moment. Then I realized that it was just getting warmer on the plane. Finally, we looked out the window to see green, green, green. We walked off the plane right onto the runway and everyone was stripping off their winter clothes. The temperature was perfect and the air was moist.

We hopped into a cab and headed to the Belcove Hotel. It couldnt have been more perfect for us. The staff was nice, the room was small but clean, the shared bathroom was no big deal. The back of the hotel looked right onto the canal. We had a quick walk around the neighborhood which wasn't so great looking so we headed back to the hotel.

There was a cute little restaurant next door where we had a wonderful fried fish dinner with beans and fry jacks. Oh...fry new love. It was just a fried bread but yummmmm. Along with dinner was a condiment we'd never seen but cant wait to recreate...Onion was just chopped onions, jalapenos in a white vinegar.

Then we spent the rest of the evening just hanging out on the balcony talking to the hotel guy who was really funny. The next thing we knew it was after 11 and we headed to bed.

I opted for a room without AC (just a fan). The bed only had a bottom and top sheet and boy am I glad I didnt waste money on AC. We froze all night...I know not like the freezing back home but it was chilly.

Our first day was really nice.

Internet is difficult so I may not post too many pics