Sunday, January 10, 2010

Caye Caulker

We really love it here. This truly is one of the most beautiful, quiet, layed back places on Earth. After another chilly, windy night, we woke this morning to strong, strong winds and sunshine!!!! Yay. The sun brought out the beautiful turquoise in the water against the green palm trees, blue sky and white sand.

We managed to wear our short and t-shirts today and I even put on my bathing suit...although the water seemed cold and the strong wind would have made getting out of the water brutal. By afternoon, it started to get chillier and now, in the evening, even the Canadians have sweatshirts, pants and real shoes on.

Our hotel neighbors went snorkeling today and assured us that aside from the boat ride, the water was nice and warm. We are going to stick around until later in the week so hopefully we will get another decent day and go ahead and snorkel. Its why we came here so we know we need to do it. We are definitely ditching our fins after Caye Caulker so we need to use them at least once while we are still here.