Sunday, January 3, 2010

6 Days

In 6 days we will be arriving in Belize. There is so much going on in the next few days. We have some loose ends to tie up before we leave and to finish up our packing. Most importantly everyone wants to see us before we leave. Its made me realize just how many wonderful people here really care about us. I think that people are worried that they will never see us again. I am confident that the 6 month trip will go even faster than the 6 months that we have been planning the trip and that we will be home soon.

The biggest, hardest todo item before we leave is scheduled for tomorrow morning when I will put my dear Frannie to sleep. She has been with me through so much but, sadly, cancer has her in pain and she does not deserve to live with that pain. I love my sweet dog and I am tearing up just writing this.

On to happier thoughts....

Everyone talks so badly about American Airlines but they are my favorite airline. Not just because it was so easy to rack up enough points to cover our plane tickets for this trip (and many other previous trips). Because we are flying on miles, the best flight that I could get to Belize left Dallas at 7am on Friday and arrived in Belize via Miami at around 3:30. I actually got a phone call yesterday from AA asking if I would like to change our flight for no extra money or miles to a direct flight that leaves dallas at 12:30pm and arrives in Belize at almost the same time as we would have with the other flight.....uuuuhhhhh let me think.....HECK YEAH! What a huge relief. I wasnt sure how we were going to wake up early enough to catch a 7am international flight with the increased security. Thanks American Airlines!