Monday, January 25, 2010


Today was a peaceful day.  In spanish class, we finished the book so I'm not really sure what we will do for 4 hours tomorrow.  We spent the last hour of class trying to think of random things to say in Spanish to practice but its amazing how little we could think to talk about.  We still have a long way to go to properly communicate with people but the class was worth it and we have already noticed that our small interactions at restaurants and the hotel are getting a bit easier....dont get me wrong...we still have many moments where someone says something to us and we just stand there like idiots trying to understand it until the dumb it down enough or pull out a calculator.

Today was nice and cool.  About an hour ago, we went out for a little snack at the coffee shop, Cool Beans, and just as we stepped in the doorway, I looked behind me and saw that it began pouring rain.  It took us completely by surprise.  We sat and enjoyed our brownies and the rain let up for a few minutes so we quickly walked back to our room.  It rained for another 30 minutes or so and seems to have stopped now.

Wednesday we hit the road again.