Tuesday, January 26, 2010

School Field Trip

We had a wonderful last day in Flores. The school filled up this week, so they organized a little afternoon trip for anyone who wanted to go. Almost everyone went, us, the British couple that we have made friends with, a Canadian couple, 2 European girls (1 who has also just started a 6 month trip through Central America...maybe we will see her again) and Deter (the head of the school). Deter was an architect who specializes in Mayan architecture.

We took a little boat trip across the lake to a private ranch that happens to lie on an unexcavated Mayan city. This city would have been from 1000 BC. The piece of land would have been completely flat so all of the hills are actually Mayan buildings, a ballfield and pyramid. Deter said that this would have been one of the larger cities with the 2nd largest ballfield.

Because this is a working ranch, this is what I saw most of the time as we had to step very carefully to avoid cow pies.

This looks like a regular hill but almost 3000 years ago it was a pyramid.

As we hiked up the pyramid-hill, we found these pieces of pots. It was really exciting to see this site that no archiologist has ever studied.

Tomorrow morning we will move on to Finca Ixobel which is just outside of Poptun about 2 hours from here. We have been spoiled here in Flores with internet in our room and we will definately miss this wonderful little island. I'm so greatful that we decided to stick around here. We have met some wonderful people, learned some Spanish and enjoyed relaxing on this beautiful lake. We are ready to move on, though and look forward to seeing a new place.
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txdoc said...

Hi Deb & Rob. You both look so happy in the pictures. Looking forward to meeting up with you in Antigua.

Luv2travel2 said...

Hi Deb & Rob. You're doing a great job with the blog both text and photos. It's definitely a trip of a lifetime and we're enjoying following your adventures. Have fun (how could you not) and stay well (maybe a little more of a challenge),
Laura and David

maryudo said...

Hi Debbie & Rob,

The pictures look great!! The camera takes some awesome pictures. It also looks like you are having a great time!! I wish I was on vacation...lol.