Monday, January 18, 2010

Belize - Not all rosy

As you all can tell, we love it here. I always try to see only the good things when I travel but I would hate to paint an inacurate picture of Central America, having someone come down here and be dissappointed. Belize is not the united states and it certainly isnt some picture perfect resort. Almost everything feels a little dingy and there are no environmental laws here so cars and trucks can emit a lot of smoke. Our hotel here in San Ignacio is on a busy little intersection on a hill so all night long we hear loud cars and trucks. Most travelers smoke so if you hate cigarettes you could be miserable. Of course, people are poor and their houses are small. If you love to stay in resorts or have high standards for cleanliness, stick to the resorts of Mexico, you would probably hate it here. The beds definitely leave something to be desired.

I dont think its bad at all but I've never been a resort kind of girl.

Tomorrow we head to Guatemala.


alice said...

well, that much for belize, you had some very interesting experiences there and now onto something new. bon voyage