Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tikal Ruins

We just got back from Tikal which was pretty amazing. As usual, I'm only posting a few pictures here so you will have to check out the rest with the link on the right. In its day, Tikal was a huge city. It dates back almost 3000 years ago and they have estimated populations of almost 100,000. There are 4000 buildings and monuments of which 1000 have been excavated. The rest are visible as big hills covered in jungle. You can tell that they are pyramids but can see exactly how it all must have looked before it was discovered. Tikal has some pretty big pyramids that can be climbed if you have no fear. The one in the 2nd picture looked terrifying.

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alice said...

A lot of interesting pics and reports, that was a nice trip you
took, the Tikals are colorful.
I wonder what those buildings with all those stair are. the small town looks cute