Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rainy Days in Laguna de Apoyo

We are still here at the crater lake.  Its so peaceful here and today some other guests showed up.  Its a nice Dutch couple and its good to have more people.  It rained off and on all day so we were all pretty lazy.  We had a nice breakfast and lunch and played the "Is the rain really over???" game.  We lost every round but it has really cooled things off which has Rob and I very happy.  I'm even wearing my long pants.

I'll fill you guys in on the kinds of excitement that we have had here.

- Yesterday evening was apparently day 2 of a weird evening bug swarm.  Nobody knows what they are and they start around sunset and are gone just after dark.  They dont bite or anything but they do swarm around and if you swat at them, their wings fall off.  They fly down shirts and up shorts and it was actually pretty funny watching everyone do the bug-down-their-shirt dance.  The seem to be related to the rain and werent nearly as bad this evening.

- The guys who work here cut down a big branch with a big termite nest right next to the lodge at the top of the hill.  We even stopped our conversation with Anna, the owner to watch.

- The dutch couple came and while Rob and I were eating dinner down the street, another girl came but we haven't talked to her yet.

- The mangos are in season and they are constantly falling off the trees.  I dont think that one falling on your head would kill you but it would hurt pretty badly and probably make a mess of your hair.

- The monkeys have eaten their way down the hill and we saw a howler monkey today on the property eating mangos.  It was the first sighting of the season.

- I've seen some cool birds today...mostly mot-mots and I think I saw a toucan fly by.

Thats it for the news here.  As you can tell, life in the crater is pretty exciting.


Tom Volpe said...

That sounds amazing. I would love to find a monkey eating a mango in my garden, possibly unlikely in Leeds though! Not so keen on the swarming stuff flying into clothes though :)