Monday, May 24, 2010

Lago de Apoyo...Yay!

Now this is living....we are back in paradise. We had heard great things about this place...Lago de Apoyo. It is very close to Granada but light years away.

This lake is actually a volcano crater lake. This area is one big volcano and many, many years ago, instead of exploding, it imploded leaving this huge crater. The crater filled up with rain water making this beautiful lake. The water is sulphuric, apparently not enough to stink but enough to kill mosquitos and apparently eat away your sunscreen, so we were warned to reapply, reapply, reapply. Today is rainy so it shouldnt be too much of a problem.

We took the bus here, with some pretty negative attitudes. As we rode the bus, we realized that we had no idea where the Crater's Edge Hotel was and hopefully we were headed close to it. Just as I started to panic, Rob pointed it out. We got off the bus, feeling a bit lost. We saw a sign, and a closed gate. Then, this nice lady came out and asked if we needed a room. It only got better from there. The place is stunning and the people were so nice. Ok, we will be coming pretty close to our daily budget here but it will be worth it. Our room is very small, just big enough for the bed but there is no need to be in the room except for sleeping. The water is clean for swimming. There are free kayaks. There a rocking chairs, hammocks, hammock chairs, books, magazines, and free internet. We just ate lunch and it was delicious and we are already looking forward to dinner. So far, we are the only guests here which is just fine with us. The owner is this super friendly, talkative Canadian lady. We shared with her our negative feelings about granada and she agreed 100% so we dont feel so wierd about it. More later.

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