Saturday, May 8, 2010


We didnt catch this fish or even take the picture but I just had to blog about this 200 lb marlin that our friends caught yesterday. It took them about 2 hours to get it into the boat. Generally, they catch and release these big huge fish but unfortunately (for the fish, not for everyone who got to eat some of it) he did not survive the fight and was dead when they pulled him onto the boat.

That sword on his face is incredible. Apparently, he doesnt actually spear other fish with it, he beats them with it and knocks them out cold. You could cut that thing off, though, and make a weapon out of it.

We tried to get them to hang it from a tree for some good photo ops but the guys were exhausted from fighting that fish. It took 4 guys to carry it from the pier to the cutting table.

We also learned that if you are interested in fishing for Marlin on Roatan...come in September. That is the peak time and we have been told things like "In September, you will get sick of marlin fishing." There is an annual fishing tournament here in september and last year, someone hooked a 400 lb marlin!!!

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