Sunday, May 9, 2010

Moving On...

This is it, our last day on least for a while.  We really like it here and would come back in a heartbeat.  We love the people here and the whole vibe and the scenery.  There is something about this place that people come and stay longer than intended.  Its hard to put my finger on exactly what it is but we feel it.  The island seems to attract certain kinds of people and so far, we really like a lot of those people.  The good thing is that we know exactly where it is so we can go back.

Onward to our next destination.  I was playing with google earth and I wish I would have been doing this all along.  Tomorrow we will catch the afternoon ferry to La Ceiba where we will spend the night.  We are going to check out a different hotel and forgo the hostel.  This place has a pool and TV.  Its been 6 weeks or more since we've had a TV and I'm not ashamed to admit that I really want to watch a little.  Then we have a long day as we bus to San Pedro Sula, where thankfully, we will not be staying again, and will head straight to Tegus the capital.  We havent been impressed with capital cities to this point, so we will probably just stay one night and move on to Nicaragua the next day...although if its decent, maybe we will stay a few days and check it out.  Then its just a few hours to our next stop of Esteli, Nicaragua.  There are 3 towns in the same highlands are in Nicaragua and we will check them out and probably do some more spanish school in Matagalpa.  

We will spend the rest of the day getting our stuff together, eating the last of our food and enjoying the view of the beach.


Anna said...

Thank you for those wonderful Mothers Day wishes. You are both very dear to us and are missed. Since you are having such a fabulous experience and doing so well at "keeping us all in your pocket", your absence is much is much easier to bear.Keep it up. Travel safe and happy.