Tuesday, May 11, 2010

La Ceiba

Sadly, we left Roatan yesterday.  We caught a ride to the ferry with a friend which was a nice send-off for us.  The ferry ride was uneventful. 

We had already decided that since the trip to Tegus is so long that we would take the Hedman Alas luxury bus to make it a little more enjoyable.  I'm kicking myself for not reserving the bus ticket further ahead of time and we will stay here 1 more night and then head out tomorrow on the 10am bus.  We will arrive in the capital in time for dinner.

Our last time here, we stayed at a hostel and decided to try a hotel this time.  We are at the Hotel Lastenia.  Its ok, very hotelly.  We have a TV and are getting caught up on our TV time.  Rob isnt a fan of the hostel scene but I see the value in it.  When you stay at a hostel, you are surrounded by other backpackers.  There are tons of people to talk to and everyone compares notes so its a great way to get information.