Monday, May 31, 2010

Final thoughts on Ometepe

If someone told me that they could go to 1 place in Nicaragua, I would recommend Ometepe. There are so many beautiful spots on the island that you could move from hotel to hotel, each time feeling like you are in a whole new place...especially if you take this bus which is painfully slow and will make you feel as though you have gone a huge distance.

We found the people to be so nice and welcoming. Although the island is full of travelers, and tourism appears to be a large part of their economy, the island feels so untainted by tourism. In so many places, we feel like we are being taken advantage of or we feel like if we just could have seen the place 10 years ago, but Ometepe has this untouched beauty.

It felt extremely safe...dare I say...the safest place that we have visited. There are no armed cops or security guards. The hotels dont have night watchmen. Girls can walk on the beach in bathingsuits, with cameras, alone with very little worries.

We were sad to leave but our visa is quickly running out so we had no choice.

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alice said...

Some interesting descriptions and great photos.Its a pleasure to read it