Monday, May 24, 2010


Granada...what can I say? We hated it. Supposedly it is the jewel of Nicaragua but we thought it was a dump. I was psyched when I discovered a $10 hotel room that had great reviews. The room was huge and clean and right in the market area. And that was then end of the good things we found in the town. Yes, the central park and cathedral were very pretty. There were lots of good looking restaurants. The city smelled like garbage. It was extremely hot! For some reason our room was 20 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. Yesterday, I felt really sick and for the first time was actually considering going home. I was ready to spend $100 for a hotel room with air conditioning. I was very miserable and spent all day just lazing around feeling crappy. I'm generally such a positive traveler, trying to see the good in everything but I just didnt feel it in Granada.
OK, there was one cool thing in Granada. Granada does have these cool Isletas which we took a boat trip of yesterday morning. They were pretty cool. There is this volcano...Mumbacho...which has a cool name and it erupted a long time ago and spit out all the rocks into the lake, creating 365 little tiny islands. People live on the islands and you can take boat trips through them. Apparently, one even has monkeys living on it but we didnt see that one and I read that the monkey were brought there as a tourist attraction.

And that is all I have to say about Granada. It will forever be remembered by us as the place that we actually started considering going home.

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