Monday, May 17, 2010

More Spanish School

We have officially signed up for more spanish classes and start this afternoon.  We are excited to try to take our communication skills to the next level.  After all this time down here, we have gotten to a place where we can ask for what we need but are still having a terrible time understanding what people say to us.  In Honduras it was less of a problem because it seemed that for the most part, the only people that really wanted to talk to us were wanting to practice their English.  Here in Nicaragua, everyone wants to make friends and not being able to understand them well is definitely limiting our experience.

We went to the Matagalpa Spanish school first thing this morning and will be taking classes through Thursday.  The school seems really good so far and we showed up just in time for their weekly introduction activity.  It was pretty silly.  They introduced us to the staff and then we played this silly game that was kind of a mix between London Bridges and tug of war.  Teachers and students alike felt equally silly but it did break the ice.

Our original plan (and anyone who has been following knows that our original plans never go as planned) was to go to a school in Granada called 1-on-1 where the teachers change every hour.  Then I heard that Granada is terribly hot and I knew that we would have a tough time concentrating so we are here in the highlands where the weather is cooler.  They told us today that they would be switching our teachers throughout the week.  I think it will be very helpful for us in helping us develop an ear for different accents.

We have a couple more hours to kill until class starts at 2.  Back to wandering the streets and getting to know the town.


alice said...


By the time you will get back you will be fluent in spanish which is a good thing. Every language you know is a treasure.(my l. mothers true wisdom)