Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We are really enjoying Matagalpa. It is a nice town and after being in Roatan, it is refreshing to be somewhere that feels real and not touristy. I'm glad that we chose to do our classes here. The school has a very nice feel and they make an effort to not only teach us spanish but to also teach about the area.

My teacher has figured out where my strengths and weaknesses are and has some great excercises that get me way out of my comfort zone. Her favorite excercise is to take me around and make me ask questions to everyone else in the school. I kind of hate it but it has helped me feel more comfortable talking to people and I've even gotten some great information about places that we should visit in Nicaragua.

My biggest challenge with Spanish is understanding when I am being spoken to. I've always been a very visual learner and reading spanish is not very hard for me. Today, she blindfolded me and led me around the school in Spanish. It actually really helped me to have to listen and understand directions.

Tomorrow is our last day of classes since the school is closed on Friday. We are meeting some of our fellow students for Italian food tonight.

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