Friday, April 23, 2010

More Snorkeling

Its hard to say if going at high tide helped. We saw some pretty stuff, nothing mindblowing. The water was calm and clear today so I got some nice pictures. Maybe in another 2 weeks, I will have this figured out.

I got this great picture of that snake eel. Look at his face, he looks just like a snake.

This guy is smiling because those little yellow fish were picking bits of whatever off him.

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Kate said...

Awesome! I'm very jealous of your snorkelling life in Roatan. Hope all is well with you two - I think of you often! Greetings from Canada - where at least it's not snowing any more...

deblet76 said...

Kate! Our favorite Canadian traveling companion. Will you be meeting us in Nicaragua next month? We think about you, too. Email me some tips on Nicaragua if you think of anything helpful.