Sunday, July 4, 2010

Noise Pollution

All afternoon, we were subjected to the worst noise pollution ever. As best as we could tell it was a marching band practicing. The problem was that they only had one little tune and they were awful. It went on for about 5 hours. This is a terrible picture but if you look closely, you can see the drummers. Thankfully, it finally stopped.

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Jackie said...

Debbie, Hi. I am Jackie wald from Dallas. Had a long conversation with Anna the other day about your travels. Michael, my husband and I, just returned 2 months ago from 26 months of Peace Corps service in Panama. We will have to compare notes! We went to many of the same countries as you and Rob. I had to comment on the noise pollution piece! Marching band practice was a constant in our lives in Santiago, Panama for 2 years!!! I have only perused your blog but will spend time with it later. Hope to see you in August. That would be fun.