Monday, July 19, 2010

Bye Bye Paradise Gardens

Early tomorrow morning, we will be moving on to our next destination.  We will be moving on to a lodge nearby where some of the paradise gardens howler monkeys have been released.  We hear its a great place so we are pretty excited.

Now on to the crazy thing that I'd mentioned yesterday.  Paradise Gardens was sold and is changing hands this week.  Its been crazy.  The resident family had been planning to go to Canada for a month anyway but...surprise...they had to pack up all of their possessions and put it all in storage.  We were all in a little bit of a panic, not knowing what would happen to the animals and volunteers.  We are thinking positively, though.  Two of the volunteers who were planning to stay on and run the place over the next month will still stay on to help the new owners take care of the animals.  They are still planning on being open during the day for visitors which will be nice.  They probably won't take in anymore new rescues.  We hope that the new folks are able to provide at least a fraction of the love and enthusiasm that Jen and all of her volunteers provided.  

As our stay here is drawing to a close, I'm so happy that we had this experience.  We have met great people that we will definitely keep in touch with.  I have really fallen in love with Boquete.  The scenery is magical.

I'm looking forward to the rest of our travels and seeing the rest of panama.