Sunday, July 4, 2010


We left the islands this morning and after 1 boat ride, 1 taxi and 2 buses, we arrived in rainy Boquete.  We've only been here for a couple of hours but so far it is a nice little mountain town.  There are lots of flowers everywhere and feels very civilized compared to the rest of central america.

Way back in Honduras, we had met a couple that had been traveling for a long time who raved about an animal rescue here.  They were so excited about the place that I looked it up online and saw that they are always looking for volunteers.  We decided then and there that when we made it down here, we would volunteer for a week or 2.  I'd been emailing with the place for a while and by a weird coincidence, when we checked into our hostel here, I'd mentioned to the girl at the front desk that we were planning on volunteering and she knew exactly who we were because she volunteers there, too.  She showed us a bunch of pictures of the animals and gave us the run down on the place and now we are even more excited.  Tomorrow, we will head over there and move in.

This is the place if you guys want to check it out.