Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alouatta Lodge

I wrote this last week from the Lost and Found Hostel.....

I'm writing this from up in the cloud forest, somewhere between Bocas and David, at the Lost and Found Hostel. I think we will go ahead and stick around here until we are ready to head to Panama City. There is no internet so I'm sure that at some point people will start to worry about us but I think that this is the perfect place to hang out for awhile. The air is mostly cold and since we will be heading back to Dallas soon and it is August, I want to get the most cold weather that I can before we come home to melt. I've realized that I am finally tired of traveling. Its not that I'm tired of being away, I'm just tired of searching out new places, being in new places, lugging my backpack and that sort of thing.
This is one of those camp-like hostels that we always enjoy. We arrived 3 days ago. We left Paradise Gardens with the whole group and spent the day at Allouete Lodge playing with Howler monkeys. Its run by an Australian family. They have both released-rescued monkeys and wild monkeys living on their property. The rescued monkeys are great and are a new species that we didnt have at Paradise Gardens, although some of their monkeys had been released from there. We had planned to stay there but it was a little expensive and the accomodations are tent or hammock and we just werent up for that.

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