Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I wanted to post a few more pictures of the animals. This is one of the coolest places that we have been so far on our trip. We worked very hard today but we also were able to just enjoy the animals and the other people here. I spent about an hour with Minolo the monkey this evening and after he was done jumping around and jumping on my head he became very cute and snuggly.

I will be guest blogging on the rescue's blog while we are here so I will probably just be linking to those posts once I am able to post them.

I'm going to get going because I am filthy and very ready for a shower before dinner.

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Hethir said...

Love, love, love what beauties!

txdoc said...

Deb and Rob. We are very proud of you guys and happy for you. What an incredible experience you are having. You have made the most of every day. Dad

Robert Lee Page said...

This is great. I have enjoyed reading this blog. I continue to think that I would one day like to do something like this, - take 6 months off and see a part of the world.