Thursday, July 1, 2010

Island Dreaming

Here is a map of Bocas del Toro.  We are staying in Bocas del Toro town.  There is a small island between our town and the island of Bastimentos.  Yesterday afternoon, we were just hanging out and decided to take a boat over to that island to check it out.  It was $1 each for the 5 minute ride.  There wasnt much going on over there.  We walked about halfway around the island.  Part of the island is inhabited by poor Panamanians and the other half is inhabited by some very rich people with great taste in homes.  The big houses were all amazing.  We loved every single one and would gladly live in any of them.  We came back here after an hour or so and had a great fish and chips dinner and then laid low the rest of the evening.  My big complaint with Bocas is that this is definitely a party town and every night from about 2 - 4, the drunk kids are coming back to their rooms and are very very loud in the hallways and it wakes us old farts up.  Even the most hostely of hostels that we have stayed in have quiet hours and tell people to keep it down late at night but this hotel obviously does not.  Its ok because we can sleep late in the morning, although tomorrow I am going on a snorkeling trip and will need to be up early.  My other complaints is the itchy insect bites that I have.  I think they are sand flea bites from the other day at the beach but they are a little different from what I'm used to.  I felt when I was being bitten by the little buggers but they didnt leave the red dots that they have in the past.  All I know  is that now I have these little itchy bites that I am trying not to scratch.