Thursday, July 29, 2010

Changing plans????

I decided that the most fitting end to our trip would be a change of plans.  Yesterday we had planned to head to Isla Grande for a few days but today, I decided that we will just spend the next week, our last week, here in Panama City.  We are officially at our 1 week mark and I think that there is plenty to keep us busy around here. Mostly, I'm tired of moving my backpack around.

We made 1 final move this morning, from the first floor of our hotel to the 3rd floor where we can have internet in our room.  I'm happy with our hotel (Pension Corona) where for $25 we have a nice room with everything (TV, AC, hot water).  Our room last night didnt have a window and we ended up sleeping this morning until 10am.  We checked out a couple of rooms up on the 3rd floor and chose 1 with a window so that we wont sleep away our last week.


alice said...

Well, Rob and Deb; I think you made the right decision to stay put the last week in a comfortable room and just enjoy whats around you.
Hugs Omi

txdoc said...

I am totally fascinated by Lost & Found and the Treasure Hunt pictures. I want to hear all about it when you return. Hasta la Vista.