Sunday, August 1, 2010

Panama Causeway

Yesterday, we went to check out the causeway. Its a cool, high end area here. There are 3 small islands that have been connected to the mainland with a causeway. They have built marinas, hotels and restaurants with a great bike trail. It is so different from what we have seen in the rest of Central America and even in the rest of Panama City. This is setup for the other half. There is no poverty and everything is clean. From there you can see only the canal, the ocean and the huge skyscrapers of downtown.

After our first few days here of sun, the weather has changed to clouds and rain. We were going to see the canal today but we woke to rain and decided to hang out in bed until it stopped. Its after noon now and its still pretty crappy outside. I hope that the rest of the week is nice because we only have a few more days to see the things that we want to see. One day, we plan to take the train up the canal to Colon and then take the bus back, hitting the miraflores lockes on the way back. Then one day we want to take a boat to Isla Taboga for a day of islands and beaches. Both days will be much more fun without rain.

Our hotel is in kind of a boring area and with today being Sunday, even the few restaurants that we have discovered are closed. Oh well, we have Tv and internet to keep us busy. We also have a friend that we met at Paradise Gardens who just got to Panama City this morning so hopefully we can hang out with him a bit this week, too. Other than that we are thinking a lot about home and what life at home will bring. Its scary and exciting.

I had to take a picture of this sign. Panama has the best signs of every country. I meant to take more pictures of them. For the most part they use these great pictures with no words that we cant really tell what they are showing. I guess that this sign from the causeway is saying to beware of very muscular joggers with huge calves.

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Aaron said...

Curious, I googled "funny signs in Panama."

One of the first links was the blog "Panama-Ahh: An American Chick living in Panama."

This was a post from March 8, 2010:

StephSegal said...

Plenty of sunshine here. Supposed to be over 100 all week!

Anna said...

When you left, I asked you to "take me in your pocket". Thank keeping up with the Blog, I was able to have a peek at your travels.
Looking forward to hearing more about them in person